Resolution of Ad Nauseam

I woke to a text from MadEye this morning.

“Sorry about my outburst last night. I was getting really irritated with the situation. I was also really embarrassed that we brought [my boyfriend] into the rpg* and it developed so fast. I couldn’t believe he was acting that way and it reminded me so much of [The Rat King of the Underworld] would get argumentative over stupid semantics. I shouldn’t have let it myself  get so bothered by it but it really did. I felt cowed and cornered.”

*rpg stands for role playing game.


I responded:

“I’m sorry about last night too. I didn’t mean to provoke you. To be honest, I was enjoying hashing out the semantics of what happened. I understand that it was a trigger for you, and been more empathetic.
I thought what [your boyfriend] did was kind of funny (albeit dumb!) because it was kind of refreshing. However, I also thought it was unfair of him to start off so hostile.
Y’know how I always say he is terrible at reading situations? This was DEFINITELY one of those times! Like, my [husband] tried to lead him, and Andy Parenthesis and I tried too, and he was completely ignoring all the signs!!!!”

Anyway, I was probably overreacting last night, and it’s not worth my friendship with MadEye to beat this dead horse.

I was just really frustrated and needed a place to vent.


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