Welcome to the Den of Iniquity

Have a seat like a civilized beast that we may share a repast of croissants with tuna, a delectable meal. You can forget the tomatoes though, because, well, I forgot the tomatoes.

We will feast like kings and you can tell me all the fun and interesting things that have been going on in your life since I saw you last night. We’ll sit and gorge ourselves on wine and dingleberries and our hopes for the future. Then we’ll fall in love.

We’ll spend the rest of our lives sitting naked, snuggling on the couch. I’ll caress your breasts and ask you, “is this alright?” while we laugh and talk about how much we love each other. I will love you forever, I adore you.

We’ll giggle while I tell you outlandish stories deep into the night and it will be well into the morning before you realize that I can never let you go. You’re trapped in my heart and no matter how many goodbyes we go through, we always come back together again. It’s meant to be, and I know you see it too.

This is the odyssey that I leave you, with a very special tuck-in at the end.

Welcome to my Inner Sanctum, the Den of Iniquity.



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